The Flatiron Building & a walk in Central Park…

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I enjoyed visiting students at Brookside Elementary school in Yorktown Heights, NY last week and students at Chamberlin Elementary in  South Burlington, Vermont yesterday.

When talking about publishing, I describe my publisher’s building as the one that looks like a giant piece of cake.

I later discovered that someone in Yorktown Heights was thinking of a round cake and thought of the “Lipstick” building.

The librarian in Vermont brought in a wonderful cake decorated with  BOB…the rooster from my book. The cake was a rectangle. She delivered little pieces to all of the students who came to my presentation. The pieces of cake were square.

This is a picture of the building where I go to visit my editor. It is a triangle.
I think The Flatiron Building is one of the coolest buildings in New York City.
I can proudly say that I finally got to stand in the nose and look down 5th ave.


I also spent time in the city in late April. I missed my tulips in Vermont,
but the ones in Central Park were lovely….and I made a friend…tcp


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