Bob visits Brown Dog Books…painting a mural in support of an independent bookstore…

My friend and fellow children’s book author and illustrator, Amy Huntington, conspired a “play-date” in support of a wonderful local independent bookstore in Hinesburg, VT.  Without making too much of a mess…we left Natacha’s store….Brown Dog Books…with a mural painted by a group of crazy children’s book  illustrators (and authors…but no words were allowed on the mural…or that would have turned the mural into a sign)…The group included Amy and myself along with Sarah Dillard and Liza Woodruff…

Amy had the background ready for us…along with a drop cloth and supplies…she painted the frogs and the pig on the bike…Sarah painted a brown dog and Arugula, her hedgehog, Liza painted a polar bear flying a plane and I painted Bob, the rooster…(I learned how to put a paintbrush in my hair from Liza…but it is best done with a clean brush)

If painting a mural at your local bookstore is not an option…you can support yours by paying them a visit…there are surprises waiting for you in their stacks that you will never find on amazon…and it’s fun to explore new stores while traveling…


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