Sketchbook…On the Rise Concert with Red Tail Ring…

I’ve been busy traveling with Elephant. It is good to be back in Vermont…and another great evening of live music at On the Rise Bakery in Richmond.

Lucky for us… Red Tail Rising made their way here from Kalamazoo. They have more shows in VT…and from the looks of their concert schedule…I’m going to just miss their show in Chicago. Catch them if you can. Bring a sketchbook.

Here’s a link to ON THE RISE and their concert schedule…great music & great food…brunch yum…tea cakes….deadly….roasted veggie and goat cheese pizza for dinner…a favorite….their veggie garden is growing right out front!

Here’s a link to Red Tail Ring….we came home with one of their CD’s…more music to play in my studio!

Summer is here….a great a time to listen to live music…what’s in your area?….tcp


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