Red Grooms Visits VT…sketches…and an interview……

Red Grooms in VT?…Really?

Yes. I was lucky enough to be at the Brattleboro Museum to hear him speak about his work in his interview with Stephen Hannock.

In the 1970’s, my teacher John Gundelfinger introduced me to Red Grooms’ work while I was studying at Parson’s School of Design. John, a generous teacher and wonderful artist, invited me to his studio…my first visit to a real artist’s loft in Soho…I’d been drawing on subways as well as making life size people out of pantyhose.

John gave me a wonderful silk screen by Red Grooms of a wild street drawing of Madison Ave…that Red had given him–“The Discount Store”. John said…”look at this…get out on the street…draw…”

John also apologized for giving me an unsigned print.

A turning point in my career as a young artist…I ended up letting go of my studies in “fashion illustration”….looking for a new direction…I went down the hall…and
stumbled into Maurice Sendak’s class.

Now 2013…I’m still drawing on the streets and subways…and making picture books. Thank you John. Thank you Red for signing my print last night.

This wonderful show is up through October 20th…it is worth the trip to Brattleboro…I’m going to see it again…tcp

Ps…and I have a show up at the Brooks Memorial Library through the end of October…serendipity?….hmmmm.


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