A School Visit in PA…A Children’s Book Editor Works in a Slice of Cheese in NYC…?

I spent a great week visiting schools in State College, PA.

Radio Park Elementary is full of students and teachers that are excited about reading, writing and drawing. A great school. A fun school visit.

One of the best parts of visiting schools is getting artwork and letters from kids!…
I was barely home in Vermont…when letters started arriving…I spent this morning answering them.

One of my favorite comments came from a child that likes that “my editor works in a building that looks like a slice of cheese.” I showed students a picture of the Flatiron Building so they could see where I go when I say “I’m go to see my publisher”.


Thank you to Mary Robert and her second graders for all your thoughtful letters…Here is a small sample…I’m off to the post office to mail all of the replies!

Elephant and Gracie helped me sign books in my hotel the night before my visit…


The day of my visit..I was greeted by this poster of MYRTLE in the library. It was drawn by a parent (and artist)…I love how she picked up on the patterns!

Myrtle Poster by parent
Myrtle Poster by parent

I had fun presenting and drawing with the students…I left drawings for the school…they were stuck all over the walls!

More drawings from presentation
More drawings from presentation


Mrs. Grim’s Kindergarteners gave me an Elephant before I even left the school!
I brought him back to my hotel…tucked him in…and Gracie read a story to 2 Elephants that night…Thank you Mrs. Grim and Kindergarteners!


Thank you all! A special thank you to a swell librarian…Emily Herring…for all of your hard work. I enjoyed meeting everyone. It was a great day.

To the kids in Radio Park..keep reading, writing and drawing!…tcp


6 thoughts on “A School Visit in PA…A Children’s Book Editor Works in a Slice of Cheese in NYC…?

  1. Thanks so much, Tracey! My children are going to LOVE seeing your blog and they are going to LOVE getting your letters. It means so much that you took the time to write them back. Thank you for inspiring my 2nd grade readers, writers, and drawers. We won’t forget you!

    1. You are welcome! I had so much fun at your school. I loved ALL of the letters from your 2nd graders! You have a class full of young authors! Have fun with them…and say hello for me!…tcp

  2. We are looking at your blog altogether right this second! We love your blog. You have so much creativity. We are excited to get your letters back!! It was so cool that you put some of us on your blog! Love, ALL the children in Room 20 at Radio Park

    1. Hello Room 20 at Radio Park Elementary! How great to hear that you’re all looking at my blog together! You are one very cool class with a very cool teacher! I wish I could have put every child’s letter on my blog! But there are postcards on their way for everyone! When they arrive…if I’ve missed anyone..please let me know! Every letter was thoughtfully written and appreciated!…Thank you so much! Say hello to Radio Park!…A great school!…tcp

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